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Miminarhythm (CD)


miminarhythm / TAMURAN MUSIC

"I try to compose music in an architectural manner. Peter Zumthor in his 1996 design of the Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland was a big influence on my approach for this CD. I take samples of various types of guitar sounds--considering them as modules--and I place them in the way that an architect might apply materials in constructing an edifice. I consider these modules as being like precast concrete in the Thermal Baths, and I use them as if I were filling out a jigsaw puzzle, creating a gradual, layered effect."
---Tamura Hiroshi


Produced for highmoonoon by TAMURAN MUSIC.

All music by TAMURAN MUSIC.

Mastered by Ono Seigen at at SAIDERA Mastering.

Album artwork by Azuma Mikiko.

Mark design by Tamura Shinobu.

Made in Japan (2005).

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miminar (image).jpg

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