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Silk Soul


Silk Soul

Nishimatsu Fuei, shamisen and vocals

Produced for highmoonoon by Nishimatsu Fuei. 
Nishimatsu Fuei was the only disciple of Nishimatsu Bun'ichi, who was perhaps the greatest ji-uta master of the twentieth century. After having performed throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, Fuei recorded this CD of five ji-uta standards from Japan's Edo period (1600-1868). 

Ji-uta are slow tempo courtesan songs which originated in the pleasure quarters. Transliterations, with Japanese and English translations and explanations by John Solt. Cover photograph of Nishimatsu Fuei by Abe Katsuo; inside photographs by Owada Hisashi. CD and pamphlet designed by highmoonoon logo designer Kondo Mikinori. 

Made in Japan (1998).

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Silk Soul (Image).jpg

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