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Whatnever (CD)


whatnever: Fujitomi Yasuo reads his own poems in Japanese.

Produced for highmoonoon by Fujitomi Yasuo.

This CD contains the only recording currently available by one of Japan's most important contemporary poets. Known as a leader of the concrete poetry movement since the 1950s, Fujitomi is also a great reader of his own verse, which is often humorous.

The CD and pamphlet were designed by Takahashi Shohachiro, Japan's leading visual poet and former member of Kitasono Katue's VOU group. Drawings by Fujitomi Yasuo. Bilingual translations and explanations by John Solt. Japanese translation of introduction by Taguchi Tetsuya. One poem with shamisen accompaniment and vocals by Nishimatsu Fuei. One poem with Osaka dialect read by Osono Yumiko. Photograph of Fujitomi Yasuo by Frank Ward.

Made in Japan (1998).

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Whatnever (image).jpg

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