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Episodic Festschrift for Howard Hibbett (episodes 1-26)


an episodic festschrift for Howard Hibbett (episodes 1-26)

Set of twenty-five books of Japanese literature of the Edo period (1600-1868) rendered into English by Howard Hibbett's former students and one bonus volume of Howard Hibbett interviewed.

This episodic festschrift celebrates the career of Howard S. Hibbett (1920- ), eminent and decorated Japanologist author, translator, editor, and professor. A number of Edo-period translations by Howard Hibbett's former students was compiled by John Solt during the years following the professor's retirement from teaching at Harvard University.

The introductions (click below) and translations in the series preserve the letter and spirit of each of our wayward collaborators.

The interview with Howard Hibbett (#26, not Edo-period translations) is included as a bonus at no extra charge. The set costs $125, which breaks down to $5 per translation booklet regardless of size, but please note that volumes are not sold individually.

Printed in Thailand (2000-2010).

Click "additional info" to read samples from each book.

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(Note: samples contain only the introductions)

episode 1 - An Account of the Prosperity of Edo by Terakado Seiken (1832-36)  

Introduced & Translated by Andrew Markus--Introduction


episode 2 - Tips for Travelers: Advice for Wayfarers from Late Edo Travel Literature by Tachibana Nankei (1795), Kyokutei Bakin (1813) and Yasumi Kageyama (1810)  

Introduced & Translated by Andrew Markus--Introduction


episode 3 - The Peony Lantern by Asai Ryoi (1666)  

Introduced & Translated by Maryellen Toman Mori--Introduction


episode 4 - Copying Bird Calls by Nishiyama Soin (1675-77)  

Introduced & Translated by Chris Drake--Introduction


episode 5 - Haikai on Love by Matsuki Tantan (1717)  

Introduced & Translated by Chris Drake--Introduction


episode 6 - Laughs to Banish Sleep by Anrakuan Sakuden (1623)  

Introduced & Translated by H. Mack Horton--Introduction


episode 7 - District to the North by Shokusanjin (1818)  

Introduced & Translated by Frank Hoff--Introduction


episode 8 - Biographies of Limp Dicks in Seclusion by Hiraga Gennai (1768)  

Introduced & Translated by Lawrence E. Marceau--Introduction


episode 9 - Forgetting the Past, Forgetting the Present by Takebe Ayatari (1772)  

Introduced & Translated by Lawrence E. Marceau--Introduction


episode 10 - Three Madames and Their Dirty Tale by Santo Kyoden (1787)  

Introduced & Translated by Robert Campbell--Introduction


episode 11 - A Diverting View of Loyal Retainers by Takizawa Bakin (1797)  

Introduced & Translated by Charles Shiro Inouye--Introduction


episode 12 - Edo Senryu on Waka and Women  

Introduced & Translated by Steve Rabson--Introduction


episode 13 - Artistic License by Ishino Hiromichi (1802)  

Introduced & Translated by Timon Screech--Introduction


episode 14 - In the Soup, Hand Made: The Thousand Sliced Arms of the Boddhisattva of Mercy by Shiba Zenko (1785)  

Introduced & Translated by J. Cohn--Introduction


episode 15 - Boudoir Tales of the Great Eastern Land of Japan (1785)  

Introduced & Translated by M. E. Jamentz--Introduction


episode 16- Triple-striped Ueda Silk, Woven with Playboy's Whims by Santo Kyoden (1787)  

Introduced & Translated by Haruko G. Iwasaki--Introduction


episode 17- The Funeral Director's Blowout-Sale Circular by Jokanbo Koa (1752)  

Introduced & Translated by Adam L. Kern--Introduction


episode 18- On Farting by Hiraga Gennai (1771)  

Translated by William Sibley; in lieu of an introduction by Jay Rubin--Introduction


episode 19- Great Pleasures for Women and Their Treasure Boxes & Love Letters and a River of Erect Precepts for Women by Tsukioka Settei (c. mid-1750s & c. 1768)  

Introduced & Translated by C. Andrew Gerstle--Introduction


episode 20- Parroting the Precepts of the Twofold Path of Learning and Martial Arts by Koikawa Harumachi (1789)  

Introduced & Translated by Jeremy Giddings--Introduction


episode 21- Forty-eight Hands at Commerce with Courtesans by Santo Kyoden (1790)  

Translated by Lloyd Craighill (no introduction)--Introduction


episode 22- The Barbershop of the Floating World by Shikitei Samba (1813-23)  

Introduced & Translated by Charles Vilnis--Introduction


episode 23- The Shirokoya Scandal: Two Ways of Looking at the Case Judged by Magistrate Ooka Tadasuke by Baba Bunko (1757) & Shunkintei Ryuo (1873 [Meiji period])  

Introduced & Translated by Sumie Jones--Introduction


episode 24- Willow Leaftips (1835)  

Introduced & Translated by John Solt--Introduction


episode 25- Life of a Sensuous Man  

Translated by Chris Drake, John Solt, Lucy North--Introduction


episode 26- Bonus final booklet in series  

Interview with Howard Hibbett--Whole book