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The Shapes and Spacing of the Letters by M. Kasper


The Shapes and S.p.a.c.i.n.g of the Letters - Verbo-Visual Non-Fiction by M. Kasper


Fourteen scattered essays on writing and art, writing with art, obscure moments in modernist art and writing history, collage, translation, library research, etc. including a trio about Indo-Anglian cultural contacts, frequently funny, politically-engaged, each lavishly illustrated with computer-manipulated images.


M. Kasper lives and works in western Massachusetts and previously authored Picture-Captions (2003), Iconoclasm in Pontus (1999), All Cotton Briefs (1992; 1985), Plans for the Night (1987), Verbo-Visuals (1985), Billy! Turn Down That TV! (1983), and Chinese English Sentence Cards (1979), books which, according to critic Richard Kostelanetz, "his colleagues rank among the best." That's what colleagues are for.


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The Shapes and S.p.a.c.i.n.g (image).jpg