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Hand Woven Cotton Cloth


hand woven cotton cloth


Cotton cloth hand woven in traditional patterns and colors from Isaan (Northeast) Thailand. Approximate 27" (68 cm) X 82.5" (= 210 cm), with slight variances. Colors are bold and patterns generally include blue, red, green, and orange. 

These cloths take about one week to weave and are used in a variety of traditional ways by the local people: man's skirt, festival banner, hammock, scarf, car decoration and wedding sash. They rarely appear in souvenir shops, which tend to feature Thai silk in bolts of solo colors. 

highmoonoon buys directly from weavers at double the going rate, while selling at an affordable price. Limit: three pieces of cloth per customer. 

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hand woven cotton cloth (top image).jpg

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All photographs by Srisuda Foythongsamrong.

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